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“Identifying and Dealing with Canine Aggression”

This class is designed to teach participants how to identify fear-based aggression and how to deal with the different behaviors that result from it.

Topics Include:

-Identifying insecurity and stress in a dog

-5 strategies for helping your dog overcome fear-based aggression

-What to do if you find yourself in the middle of a dog fight

Orlando Training Facility – 10806 Palmbay Drive, Orlando, 32824

Class size minimum of 5 participants required and maximum of 12 participants. Open to all-no prerequisites. This is a class for humans only. Please leave your dog at home for this workshop. Participants need to reserve their spot and pay on the website or by calling the office (407-926-8100).

Cost: $35

Instructor: Rock Galloway

Upcoming Workshop:


“Decoy Seminar: Proper Decoy Tactics”

A good decoy can control a dog by knowing what the dog is going to do before he does it. This class is for any person wanting to learn more about the art of being a great decoy or handlers wanting to have a better understanding of how a decoy can make or break his or her dog.

In this 3-day, hands-on decoy class you will learn:

• The role of the decoy
• Physical requirements
• Proper tactics
• Proper equipment usage and application
• Canine communication
• Handler-Decoy-Trainer communication
• Canine drives
• Common procedures: sport-police-military security

February 25-27, 2019
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

26135 Bloomfield Avenue, Yalaha, FL 34797
(30 miles west of downtown Orlando)

Cost: $250 Per K-9 Team

Instructors: Rock Galloway, Steve Valencia, Newton Villalona & Steven Boyer

Previous Workshops


“Dealing with Dog Aggression in the Workplace”

A look at how to identify and deal with fear-aggressive dogs in the workplace for vet techs, kennel techs, and dog daycare operators.

Class Full

Instructor: Rock Galloway

(407) 926-8100

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