Therapy Dog Training Program


Therapy dogs aid others by giving support or comfort to several participants, other than their owner. These dogs are usually seen in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and courtrooms and are handled by their owners.  Therapy Dogs are not covered under the A.D.A.

An Evaluation with a trainer is the first step to this Board and Train Program to go over your needs and evaluate the dog to ensure its compatibility for the training requested. Prices vary according to the level of training needed to accomplish your goals.

Therapy Dog Level I:

Therapy Dog Level II:

Therapy Dog Level III:

Several Daily Training Sessions will work on:

  • The specific task(s) your dog needs to perform in order to assist you as identified in your dog’s customized program
  • Confidence building, socialization skills and proofing along with foundational obedience-based training
  • Your dog will experience field trips to public places, group and individual training sessions.
  • Texts, photos, and videos throughout your dog’s stay to keep you updated on his or her progress.
  • Training collar and training treats are included at no extra charge.
  • A bath, nail trim and ear-cleaning for your dog before send-home.


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