Rehabilitation Program


An Evaluation with a trainer is the first step to this Board and Train Program to determine eligibility. The program is designed for dogs that show signs of aggression as determined during the evaluation.

Fear Aggression starting at $2,800.00

Program Focuses onThese Principles:

  • Problem Solving/Behavior Modification for Aggression: fear, true, anxiety, dog on dog resource guarding and barrier aggression.
  • Socialization – Your dog will be socialized with people and dogs of similar temperaments when appropriate.
  • Confidence – Confidence building to gain a happy/health dog.
  • Focus


Several Daily Training Sessions Will Work on:

  • Customized training: unique to each case
  • Basic Commands: sit, stay, recall, down, place, etc.
  • Field trips to public areas when appropriate
  • Individual and group sessions


You will Receive:

  • Training collar and training treats included.
  • Texts, photos, and videos throughout your dog’s stay to keep you updated on his or her progress.
  • A bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning before send-home, depending on your dog’s temperament.
  • One-hour send home lesson with 2 additional follow-up lessons to use within 30 days at our facility.
  • 3-hour Aggression and Handling seminar.

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