Puppy Training


Foundations for Puppies

An Evaluation with a trainer is the first step to this 17-day Board and Train Program.
Starting at $1,995.00.

Program Focuses on These Principles:

  • Socialization – Your puppy will be socialized with dogs of all sizes and ages.
  • Drive/Luring – Food, voice and play drive will all be worked during daily training sessions.
  • Confidence – Confidence building to gain a happy/health dog
  • Focus and Critical Thinking – The building blocks for future training

Several Daily Training Sessions will Work on:

  • Basic Commands: sit, stay, down, recall, leash manners, leave it, place, etc.
  • Problem Solving/Behavior Modification: barking, biting, jumping, chewing, car rides, etc.
  • Puppy can be tested for potential agility/scent/protection/therapy work, etc.

Also Included:

  • Your puppy will experience field trips to public places, group and individual training sessions.
  • Upon graduation your puppy will be tested for the AKC Star Puppy or CGC.
  • Foundations for future hobby training such as protection, etc. can be introduced.

You Will Receive:

  • Texts, photos, and videos throughout your puppy’s stay to keep you updated on his or her progress.
  • A go-home lesson designed to transfer the knowledge and skills developed during your puppy’s training.
  • 2 follow-up lessons to use within 30 days.
  • A bath, nail trim and ear-cleaning for your puppy before send-home.

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