Law Enforcement & Security


center. CFK9 is based in Lake County, FL on 30 acres, just 8 minutes from the 429 N. Loop. Our police/security/personal protection dog candidates are tested by Florida Department of Law Enforcement K-9 Evaluators for temperament, drive and workability. After a quarantine period of 10 days our European dogs are re-examined and once cleared start foundational training on bite work, scent work and control. All our K-9s come with a genetic health guarantee. We limit the numbers of dogs available for a more personal evaluation; CFK9 feels it is more important to have quality over quantity. Our staff of current and retired law enforcement and military trainers will help you narrow your search to what fits your needs. We also offer consulting, seminars, equipment, evaluations/certifications and a K-9 starter package that covers equipment/administrative support for your agency, security company and personal lifestyle.

Call Rock Galloway 
Owner: National Canine Training – Central Florida K-9

Rock has been training and working with canines since he was fourteen when he received his first dog sport title.  Rock worked as an obedience trainer and veterinarian technician before training in Germany.

He was a police K-9 handler, working 13 patrol, narcotic, bomb, and cadaver dogs during his 28 years of law enforcement. Rock worked his way up through the ranks from K-9 handler, K-9 line supervisor, to K-9 Commander.

After retiring from law enforcement, he became a Kennel Master and Canine Instructor in Afghanistan. Rock is a graduate of Command Officers Development Course, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administration of Criminal Justice, and a Sports Security Management Certificate from USM. He is a graduate of “Train the Trainer” from Rollins College. Rock is a Certified Law Enforcement Evaluator, General, and High Liability Instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and was a USPCA Certified trainer. Rock specializes in problem solving and dog psychology.

Personal Protection Dogs

We sell fully trained personal protection dogs in all phases of training for home, personal and executive protection. The process starts with the client/family interview, selection of a dog and a customized training program that fits your needs and budget ($10,000 to $35,000). After the K-9’s training your family will learn how to integrate and live with a PPD in your home environment. All dogs come with equipment, health and workability guarantee.

Law Enforcement

Green, single-purpose and full-service dogs are available and come with basic to advanced training. All of our prospects are tested by active and retired Law Enforcement FDLE trainers/Evaluators. Our dogs come with health and a workability guarantee and consultation. If needed. Perfect for departments needing to revamp or start a program.

K-9 Thor               Lake County Sheriff’s Office                   2020

Hospital Security

We are proud to partner with hospitals in implementing, training and supplying the best dogs in the industry. Our imported K-9s are tested and trained specific to your needs by CFK9 staff. Our 80-hour Hospital Security School covers a wide range of topics and real-world situations at our facility and at your site. Our certification is one of the toughest in the industry with monthly training sessions conducted at your hospital with our support every step of the way.

Consulting Services For Your Agency or Security Company

Whether you are starting, revamping, or auditing your current program let our years of management, administration, and real word experience assist your agency in the following:

  • Training/Certifying new or experienced handlers in all aspects from leash handling to policy and liability
  • Patrol, tracking, narcotics, EOD, guns, cadaver, article recovery, cell phones, electronics, and arson
  • Grants: In some cases start up cost can be paid for with no tax payer funding
  • Public relations: Assist your agency with gaining and maintaining positive public support
  • Purchasing: Finding the right equipment and assist in the selection of K-9’s
  • Obtaining licensing for EOD narcotics and finding the most qualified schools in your area
  • Policy implementation and/or review policies dealing with narcotics, EOD storage, training, records keeping, selection of handlers, and deployments

All policies are reviewed with staff and are within or exceed your state’s standards and federal guidelines as well as current court decisions that pertain to the area of review.
Prosecuting attorneys who would like assistance in reviewing pending cases can contact our office for consultation and review.

We believe that having a fresh pair of eyes to review and update your K-9 Unit’s policies and procedures is a responsible way to protect yourself and to grow your program.