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KodiWe started taking our German Shepherd Dog, Kodi, to Rock Galloway at Central FL K9 about two years ago. Rock did an initial interview with us and Kodi to assess what Kodi’s/our needs were. We started with basic obedience training and socialization with other dogs. Kodi had his CGC from puppy training already but gained his CGCA (advanced level) with Rock.

We have also been working on his Begleithund (BH) which translates as “traffic-sure companion dog test” which tests the dog in advanced obedience, sureness around strange people, strange dogs, traffic, and loud noises). Kodi’s training has progressed over time to include tracking missing people, drug sniffing, bite work for protection and more recently agility.

Classes are fun for the dogs and people, both get time for great socialization. Kodi is very enthusiastic about going to training twice a week with Rock and a happy dog makes for happy owners!

J. F. C. and K-9 Kodi

We have been taking our dog Zeus to Central Florida K-9 for training every Sunday for 4 months now. The growth we have seen in his development has been amazing. He is a well-balanced, well behaved happy dog. Rock Galloway and his team have brought us to understand the importance of working our dog and providing a stimulating environment full of love and play to have a happy dog. The most important part of the training has been for us to be trained how to get the best out of our dog.

We would recommend anyone who loves their dog to bring them to Central Florida K-9.

J. & R. T. and K-9 Zeus

I have a house full of rescued animals. Tracy has worked with me and three of my adopted dogs on basic obedience and “fun” enriching behaviors. Tracy got to know me and each of my dogs as individuals, and worked closely with me so that I could continue with her consistent training techniques. Her relationship with and understanding of each animal really established a level of trust between all of us. I have worked with other trainers at other facilities, and Tracy is by far the most knowledgeable trainer that I’ve known. She helped me to better understand the unique needs of each of my dogs and allow them each to become confident, well-behaved and happy members of the family.

C. S. and Three K-9s

My fiancé and I can’t say enough about Tracy. Our youngest dog, Charlie, an Australian Shepherd, had more energy than we knew what to do with. He is friendly and loving, but sometimes overbearing because of it. He loves everybody and would jump incessantly on someone when they came into the house. We didn’t take him on walks because he pulled and wanted to run off and socialize with every other living thing out in the neighborhood. We began training with Tracy last summer and saw just how well behaved Charlie could actually be. Her approach on obedience training taught Charlie not only all the basic behaviors, but also how to respect and listen to us. I was worried that Charlie would listen to only Tracy and then go back to being crazy when she was gone, but Tracy did a great job of training us at the same time. Now we have all the tools we need to work with Charlie on a regular basis. We can even take him on walks around the neighborhood without any problems and he’s turned into such a great listener. We will continue to work with Tracy as long as we can! Charlie loves her too!

M. W. and K-9 Charlie

We have had the fortune of meeting Tracy soon after adopting our rescue Siberian Husky puppy, Meera. Although possibly the cutest husky puppy, Meera was a vicious one who happened to be our first ever adopted puppy – we have always had adult rescues before. She was possessive, food & treat angry, teething with her little blade-like teeth and simply testing us to see who was the dominant one, who was the alpha of our pack! Well, a million thanks to Tracy, first we and then Meera learned that with exercise, training, and the basic tools, we were the co-leaders of this pack not to be dominated by a Husky! Tracy and her ways of behavioral training not only helped Meera overcome her what could have become a concerning aggression issue later on, but also empowered us. You may get a basic obedience training for your dog at a major pet store, but you most likely cannot get the education and culture needed to maintain and enhance your pet’s character. With Tracy, you will get the complete solution for the present and future of your beloved furry companion.

Tracy, we love and thank you everyday!

M. & G. and K-9 Meera

mavrosIt all started because we wanted to have our German Shepherd puppy professionally trained.

After extensive research, supported by high recommendations from Orange County law enforcement connections, we found “Rock”, at Central Florida K-9. We then decided to start “Mavros” in AKC Puppy Star training with Rock’s company.

During training, we learned of the Board & Train program Rock also offers and decided to give it a try.  It’s never easy leaving part a of your family somewhere, but for this particular trip, taking our 7 month old, rambunctious German Shepherd, was out of the question.

We have to say that we were very impressed right from the moment we arrived at the facility in Orlando. Rock personally took the time to greet us and walk us through his state of the art training center, which immediately put us at ease. We knew our puppy was going to be in good hands!  The accommodations and treatment/training Rock and his staff delivered were exceptional.

We loved it so much that we have already scheduled another Board & Train!

T. & L. S.

Tracy is amazing!! She was able to train me first then our fun loving Wheaten Terrier dog Toby. When first started our training with Tracy out pup Toby had been to many other trainers, but the word “Come” just wasn’t in his vocabulary. After just 4 weeks of training all of us in our family our dog Toby became the perfect dog able to walk everywhere without a leash, come when he’s called, stay when he’s told, and he is now the best dog ever!!! Tracy has the ability to train the masters first and most any dog with her loving yet firm ways and. I would recommend her to everyone who has a new pup or even an older dog who just need to learn how to listen. Thank you Tracy for everything you did for us and Toby!!

A. and K-9 Toby

Awesome place–People are great! What a change in my dog’s behavior! A+.

K.F. and K-9 Reko

I seriously want to tell you that I think what you did for Colt saved his life. If you had not taught him some manners and calmed him down I would not have been able to keep him and we both know what would have happened if he had gone back to the pound for the third time. He truly is the best dog I have ever had and I feel very special that he has made me his human. If you ever need a reference of any kind just give them my number or email. I would be happy to sing your praises!


C. and K-9 Colt

Fear aggression-fixed. Obedience-done. I could write a book about the excellent training our Boxer received from Rock and Tracy, but this sums it up perfectly.


M.C. and K-9 Ivan

I don’t think I can thank you guys enough. She’s a totally different dog! She laid down the entire car ride, didn’t get sick or anything. We went for a walk to calm her a little before meeting the other dog. In the process we passed some strangers, she was polite and didn’t bark at all.
Now they just got done playing in the back yard and they’re both inside the house together without a problem. She didn’t even go near any of the other animals (which she used to chase). There’s a bird, rabbits, and guine pigs and she left them all alone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


K-9 Cali

I had to share a review about Central Florida K-9 before I even left my dog there. I’m about to go out of town for a week long vacation and I’ve been researching places to not only board but train my (3) year old dog. After extensively researching all of Orlando’s boarding options by visiting them, meeting with the care takers, etc, I was pretty nervous about leaving him at any of the locations. I found Central Florida K-9 and from the minute I met with the team I was extremely comfortable with leaving him there. Rock, Tracy, and Justin are extremely pleasant, passionate and friendly! You can tell they love these dogs and what they do. It’s a great facility with a lot of room for the dogs to play and learn, not be cooped up in a box all day. I’m excited to see the results from their training sessions!


JZ and K-9 Baxter

Can’t say enough about the staff at Central Florida K-9, specifically Tracy and Justin. The help and insight that they have given my wife and I during the puppy program and daycare has given us the confidence to lead our puppies to be confident and dog/people friendly. Thank you again for your continued help!


KH and K-9s Payton and Paxton

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to Central Florida K-9. I couldn’t be happier with the services I have received from them. My GSD Laska, absolutely loves it there; she gets really excited when she arrives and bummed out whenever it is time to leave. Tracy, Rock, Andrew, Justin and the entire staff are vey knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. Their love and passion for dogs really shows in their work! Tracy is just amazing! She went above and beyond what I could ever have expected.
Central Florida K-9 is without question the best and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for place to have their dog trained.
Thank you very much guys!!!


IB and K-9 Laska

More testimonials and references available upon request.

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