Picking the right dog trainer usually starts with, “Please HELP!”

I just got a puppy and now he is chewing everything in my house, please HELP. My dog just bite my neighbor and killed his cat, please HELP. My dog is the best and I just need to keep him active, Please HELP. There are many reasons to hire a professional dog trainer, below you will find things to help with your decision that will bring your family a life time of happiness.


  • Have your dog evaluated by the training center you are planning to attend, this gives everyone an opportunity to make a plan based on you and your dog’s needs. The evaluation should be attended by the whole family and should conclude with a comprehensive plan of action. The center should be fully accessible to everyone and no part should have an odor or look cluttered.
  • Come to the evaluation with questions, a trainer should have several different techniques and they should be able to explain in detail why a certain technique would work best on your dog.
  • Where will my dog be staying? If you decide to find a program that is a board and train program. What type of kennel space will your dog have? Is it indoor/ outdoor? Exercise plays an important role in training.
  • Let’s talk money, Lookout for training centers/kennels that have hidden or up charges i.e.: walks, beds in kennel and play time/socialization should all be included. They should also offer support through group classes, private in home, problem solving and you should be able to call with issues that come up after the training is completed.
  • Experience counts, thoroughly vet your trainers though news articles (good or bad) references, ask around, ask yourself do they have full time experience with a diverse background in problem solving, dog psychology and working with high drive working dogs or is this a franchise that trains there trainers over several weeks.
  • Picking the right mix of training for my dog’s needs, professional training centers will put a training program together that will specifically meet you and your dog’s needs and budget. All dogs need socialization, structure, balance and a job these programs should all be included in any program that you enter.