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We are always looking for great dogs! Once we find one, we temperament test, train, and certify them for Personal Protection, Police, Security, Sport, or any scent work discipline.

You can also take advantage of our very popular consulting program. One of our full time trainers will meet with you and your family to discuss in depth your interests and goals for your new dog. Our staff then locates, tests, and trains to police/military standards the right dog for you and your family. Alternatively, tell us the breed, sex, age and training package in which you are interested and we do the rest. Featured on this page are some of our K-9s that are ready to go to work! We have other dogs in training so please don’t hesitate to ask about other dogs that will be available soon.


Police/Dual Purpose
K-9 Ajo – Male German Shepherd-Slovakia Import
DOB: 06/10/2014
Description: Ajo has a great temperament always wants to be next to his handler and love to play with other dogs. He is sure footed, confident and loves to work. Will be a great demo and work dog.


Police/Dual Purpose
K-9 Jimmy – 9 Month Old Slovak Republic Police Dual Purpose
DOB: September 2, 2014
Description: High Drive, great temperament. Always “on”. Friendly with people but has strong bite work.


K-9 Onyx – Working Odor



K-9 Onyx is a new addition to Central Florida K-9. She is a one and a half year old female Shepherd mix and is doing fantastic in her scent imprint training.


Personal Protection
K-9 Nike – Female German shepherd-sister to Kaution
DOB: 11-17-2014
Description: Both parents were police dogs and it shows, high drive, love to be doing something but can also hang out. Started Personal Protection and she loves it, has the right drives for it as well. She will make a great PPD or a Sport dog as long as she is being worked she is happy.


K-9 Brewer – Working Odor

K-9 Brewer is a new addition to Central Florida K-9! He is a 9 month old male black Lab and is doing great in his introduction to odor.

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