Choosing a Good Dog Trainer


When it comes to training dogs, Central Florida K-9 is not the only option you have. However, we have many clients come to us after they have already tried other dog trainers and have been unsuccessful in accomplishing their goals. In an effort to help you find a dog trainer that will be successful in accomplishing your objectives for your dog, we recommend asking the following questions when interviewing a prospective trainer:

  1. Do you train dogs as a full-time occupation or a part-time occupation?
  2. How many years have you been training dogs full-time?
  3. Where did you get your dog training experience from?
  4. Do you train in public parks or do you have a dedicated training field?
  5. How many training sessions do you do per day?
  6. How long are the training sessions?
  7. How often does the trainer update you on your dog’s progress?
  8. Does the trainer allow the owner to attend the sessions when the dog is being trained?
  9. When not training, will my dog be staying in a crate or do you have kennels set up?
  10. How many dogs do you train at any given time?
  11. Will my dog be in an air conditioned and heated space?
  12. What type of security is there for my dog?
  13. How are group sessions set up?
  14. Does the trainer have a vet on call?

Also, don’t be fooled by certifications and franchises. There are schools that will give a credential after attending for only a week or few months but that doesn’t compare to a trainer who has taught hundreds of dogs over many years of professional experience. If you ask these questions and are satisfied you are working with a professional who has the experience to train your pup and who provides a safe secure area for your pup when not training, then you will be one happy pet owner!