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The heart of Central Florida K-9 is an experienced team of individuals that bring unique skills and expertise to our organization. We strive to meet the individual needs of each customer and we are united in our mission to provide the highest quality of canine training with integrity and professionalism. Our goal is to improve the relationship between dogs and their handlers. Life is full of stressful moments. Whether you are working on basic obedience or you are handling a police dog, your canine should be an encouragement to you and not another source of stress in your life!


Below you can read about each one of our team leaders

Experience Counts

Rock Galloway

Director of Training and Operations

rock - resizeRock has been training and working with canines since he earned his first dog sport title at the age of 14. In his early years, Rock worked as an obedience trainer and veterinarian technician before training in Germany. After that he moved into law enforcement where he was a police K-9 handler, working 13 patrol, narcotic, bomb, and cadaver dogs during his 28 years of law enforcement. Rock held positions including K-9 handler and K-9 line supervisor all the way through K-9 Commander.

After retiring from law enforcement, Rock became a Kennel Master and Canine Instructor in Afghanistan. Rock is a graduate of Command Officers Development Course, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administration of Criminal Justice, and a Sports Security Management Certificate from U.S.M. He is also a graduate of “Train the Trainer” from Rollins College. Rock is a Certified Law Enforcement Evaluator, General, and High Liability Instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and specializes in problem solving and dog psychology. He is an evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC) and has appeared on local and national T.V. programs, as well as radio talk shows. He enjoys assisting owners across the country with problem solving and foundation work.

Tracy Cooksey

Training and Kennel Manager

Tracy’s love and passion for animals started at a very young age. She began working as a Kennel Tech while in High school and then quickly transitioned into a Veterinary Technician role. She worked as a Vet Tech for nearly 10 years and gained a strong understanding of animal anatomy, physiology and behavior. In addition to domestic pets, she also worked at local Horse farms training and breaking horses.

Tracy quickly realized that training was her passion and accepted a job at Sea World’s PETS AHOY with Joel Slavin’s Professional Animals. There, she trained over 100 domestic animals and performed in a live audience show. She remained with Sea World for over 7 years until landing her dream job with Central Florida K-9 Training!

Tracy specializes in behavior modification and obedience training. She has successfully trained and titled dogs in Schutzhund BH pattern for clients. She is dedicated, hard-working and committed to the overall well-being of animals and their owners.

To set up an Evaluation or for information regarding any of our AKC classes, Board and Trains, Boarding, Service/Therapy dogs, Basic to Advanced Obedience, Trick Training, or Agility, feel free to call Tracy at 407-926-8100 x1.

Billy Powell 

Special Projects Manager
Billy has over 25 years of law enforcement experience training and handling canines, and is currently certified by the State of Florida as a K9 Explosive/Narcotic Detection Trainer and Evaluator, a K9 Team Instructor and Evaluator, and a Criminal Justice Instructor. During Billy’s career he has trained over 75 Police dogs in Patrol, Explosive Detection and Narcotic Detection. Handling and training both K9 Narcotics and Explosive Ordinance Detection Dogs (EODDs), Billy has conducted thousands of searches at large venues located throughout Central Florida,
including airports, train and bus stations, local jails, public and private schools, universities, theme parks, and large public venues.

Billy has attended a wide range of classes and seminars, to include the K9 Team Certification school, K9 Explosive / Narcotic Detection school, Instructor Techniques, K9 Team Training Instructor Course, Explosive Ordinance Recognition, Tactical Patrol and Detector Dog Programs training, Drug Dog Record Keeping and Testimony, Police K9 Managers Program, Decoy / Electric Collar Seminar, K9 Narcotic Case Law and Report Writing, the International Police K9 Conference and the Basic Canine First Aid and Emergency Management Canine Toxin Exposure class.

Upon retiring from law enforcement Billy worked as a K9 handler and trainer for a local theme park until joining the Central Florida K-9 team.

For questions regarding Patrol, Personal Protection, Specialty Dogs, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Dogs for sale, Seminars/Workshops, or Contract K-9’s for hire, call Billy at 407-936-8100 x2.

Justin Rivera

Assistant Manager

With Justin’s vision of patience and perseverance, he believes that an everlasting bond is created with his animals and his team. His love for animals began at a very young age. He has been seen working with various animals across the United States. Recently he was on tour with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus working on the Animal Care team. Justin also brought his passion to SeaWorld Orlando as an Animal Training Manager for Carvalho’s Friends of a Feather. He has designed and implemented various animal guest experiences while managing the location’s team and diverse animal collection. Justin was also one of the head trainers for the 2015 IAAPA Brass Ring Award-winning animal show “Opening Night Critters” at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Having worked with a wide variety of animals, Justin believes using positive reinforcement and a proper exercise regimen will give you a well-balanced canine. He has been an asset to Central Florida K-9 and is excited for his future with our company.

Shea Eaves


Shea has been surrounded by animals throughout her life, and comes to Central Florida K-9 with 14 years of experience in animal training and handling. She holds a B.S. in Biology from the Louisiana Scholar’s College at Northwestern State University, where she graduated in 1996. Shea began her career as an Apprentice Trainer at Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, MS, and quickly moved up to a Senior Trainer within a few years. The majority of her career has been focused on working with marine mammals, but she also has experience working with other domestic and exotic species including canines while working as a kennel assistant. Shea has trained animal behaviors for shows, interaction programs, husbandry, and basic handling with a number of species. In addition, she has worked in the rescue/rehabilitation arena with sea turtles and marine mammals, and currently serves as a Senior Animal Care Specialist at SeaWorld.

Shea believes strongly in operant conditioning, and enjoys the challenge of training and solving behavioral problems. She works tirelessly to build relationships and trust with every animal in her care, and is proud to be a part of Central Florida K-9.

Jenna Spurlock

Training Specialist

Jenna has always had a love for animals, especially dogs. Even as a young girl it was obvious to all that she had the rare ability of creating a special bond with all furry friends. Jenna began working with animals in high school as a kennel tech. She has worked at various facilities, each as rewarding as the next. Jenna later graduated college with a degree in education. This added yet another “treat” to her bag, the ability to teach the owners as well as the dogs. Jenna then learned how deep her passion was while training for a local veterinary program. Jenna specializes in basic obedience training and enjoys behavior modification. Every day she wakes up excited and eager to pass on her knowledge. She is proud to be a part of the Central Florida K9 team.

Putting it all Together

Amy Morrell

Business Manager

The role of Business Manager requires a broad range of skills including planning, organization, communication and decision making. NCT-CFK9 found a perfect fit for Business Manager in Amy Morrell whose Master’s Degree and experience as an educator and in the private sector prepared her for the challenges of the role.

Together with the Training/Kennel Manager and the Special Projects Manager, the team efficiently and effectively promotes the company’s mission, goals and objectives.

If you need assistance regarding Business Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Billing and Payment information please contact Amy at 407-926-8100 x3.